Thursday, 10 May 2018

Things to Keep in Mind Before AVG Installation

There are few things one need to keep in mind if they want to successfully install their AVG antivirus program, so that they do not have to face any complications in future. This way your AVG antivirus can perform its task smoothly without any kind of problem. To prepare your computer for AVG installation, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. Update Windows Operating System: It is necessary to keep the operating system up-to-date. Check for your Windows update and if any update is available then please install it immediately.
  2. PC Shouldn’t Have Third-Party Security: Your system should not have any other security program like anti-spyware, Firewall or anti-malware protection, otherwise your AVG program will have conflict with it and cause further security issues.
  3. Check AVG System Requirement: If you do not want your system to slow down after AVG installation, then you need to make sure that your computer fulfills basic AVG requirements, then only download the software. To learn more about AVG system requirement please consult our technicians on AVG phone number UK.
  4. Restart Your System: Before you actually begin the installation process, it is suggested that you should restart your computer. This is necessary as unnecessary application running in the background can cause issues.
  5. Run Installation as an Administrator: For correct installation of any software, it is necessary to have a full access to the system, so you need to login to your device as an administrator to install the program.
  6. Download Latest AVG Software: One should always download the software from AVG website to get the latest installation file, as when you purchase the software from retail shop you get installation CD which is not always have latest installer. To download latest installation file please follow the given steps:
  • Open AVG website and then go to its download page.
  • Look for the product that you want to download.

Note: Click Paid version if you have purchased the software, Trail version if you want to install the product for 30 days and free version to get the free software installed.
  • The latest installation file will be downloaded.

Once the download gets complete, you can run the file to install and activate it. Do not forget to get in touch with us if you get any issue in the middle of installation.

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